Let me finish. In Europe, there are a number of people who misuse my name.

They studied Level 3 only, but they teach Level 3 and Level 4 courses. But this cannot last. After a short time, everyone will know. Everyone will know where these teachings come from and who teaches them. It is clear everyone will know it and I pity those students.

But thanks to them, there will be new students who will come to join us, and whom we will be able to help. And those who were deceived will tell others and the others will come to our teachings. If they have not been deceived,they will not know it, but once they are deceived, they will know it and they will come to us to learn, they will become aware, and they will tell others about our teachings. It is a way for us to get publicity without having to generate it. It is dishonest students who generate publicity for us. Therefore, we are the ones using them.

They benefit very little from it, and not only that, but in the future, they will be exhausted, drained in terms of Energy.

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