Many people are frightened of the death. When you learn the U.E. techniques, you can help many people to recover from serious sicknesses. However, some people cannot surpass their fate; but when receiving our energy, they would die in peace, silence, and bliss. Some people have understood that death is the transformation to another period; therefore, it is nothing to worry about. The only matter is by loving their families; many people worried that no one helps their families while they had been gone forever. Though, when we completed all duties, our souls will change to a different material body or will be back with God, and then we will be in happiness — no more worries and fears. That happiness is from God helping us understand that we have learned and contributed for life. After death, we will go back to God to learn more and then come back to life on earth to contribute for humanity. Therefore, we will be secured in the matter of living or death. Very few U.E. brothers and sisters are frightened of the death because they have understood about it.

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