You asked what karma is? Let me explain. Let’s say you want to accomplish a job, you want to finish a research programme. it. the middle of the task you stop and you give up. Now, you come back to continue this task. Back then, you were all Atlanteans and you wanted to build a work to help humanity, but you had reached a dead end. Now, you reincarnated to pursue your work. At the moment, you may for example be a doctor, but you may not enjoy it and you become a tradesman. However, you came down here to practice medicine for 40 years. Since your occupation as a doctor did not pay well, at the end of 20 years you gave up. Well in your next life, you will have to practice medicine 20 more years in order to pay off the debt you contracted. As being a doctor did not pay, you gave up and went into trade. You thought this would do and you evaded your responsibilities. But after you die, you reincarnate and you have to learn medicine again and seive again 20 years more. That is karma. You must get to the end of your path. If you stop along the way,when you reincarnate, you must finish this path you started in the previous existence.

The problem of karma is a complex problem. It cannot be explained in detail. I am providing you with brief examples so that you understand what your karma is. For instance, now, you have money, you are the head of a bank. You grant loans to others and you force them to pay back their loans, except if they die. But when the person who is in debt dies, you confiscate his home to be reimbursed. Since you loaned him money, now you must get your money back. It is the same thing inversely, when you borrow money from others. You may think that by borrowing money from others you will not need to pay it back if you die. That is not true. In the next life, you will have to settle your debt. That is why some people are there, they do nothing and just enjoy wealth. They do not have to work, they do nothing at all. Money is given to them by some or by others; they get money from all sides because in the past they lent a lot of money and now their debtors are paying off their debts and now all they need to do is to collect that money and spend it. Those are two examples of karma.

There are other examples still but I am just giving you those two so that you realize what karma is. It is easier for you to understand it that way.

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