Let’s come back the mango tree.

While I was studying at Level 6,1 understood that the universal energy would make the fruits bigger than usual. I thought the mango would be as big as a Papaya (Do you know this fruit? It’s the fruit that Thai people use when they cook “Papaya Pok Pok”. It’s quite famous all over the world). It didn’t grew as big, instead of having around 2-3 mangoes in one bearing, it has around 4-5 mangoes. I counted over 100 mangoes from the whole tree and it was very delicious. I knew one of the doctors teaching in Kaset (Agricultural) University. I invited him to my house and kindly ask him to analyse the mango tree. He said it’s very unusual for this season of the year.
He said that it needs a lot fertilisers and hormones. I never did those that he said. In fact there are cement surrounding it and I use ordinary water to water it. I noticed that there are no insect eating it anymore. Also, there are no sticky rubbery stuff falling out of it anymore.


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