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But before I’ll tell you the story, I confirm to you that, studying the universal energy is the true meaning of life. I feel that I have lived my life to the fullest as a good citizen with a chance to help others as much as I could.
In the past, when I pass any people or animals who are suffering, all I could do is just to feel pity for them. But now, I could do more than just pitying them, I could heal them and cure them without intering them or them being aware. All I have to do is just to look at them with full concentration.
Before the year 1996, I never seem to believe any of these stuff. Anything that couldn’t be seen by our naked eyes or there are no logical explanations, I would never in my life believe it. When I was in Hong Kong, I felt this accute pain on my shoulder. I didn’t went to see the doctor. I touch my right shoulder with my left hand, and seriously thought to myself, “Stop aching already, stop aching already”. Would you believe it!! it actually stop aching right away. However, it stop only for 5 minutes and it started to hurt again. So I did it again and again. The pain comes and goes. It rShe was able to work normally. Except for the patients sufferingeminds me of the time when I was 12 years old lining up in the morning and got bitten several ants. I thought to myself then that it didn’t hurt. After learning how to meditate 10 years ago, my youngest daughter got sick. I touched her head to feel her fever, and thought to myself, “Get well, sweetheart”. After a while, she suddenly got well. Unfortunately, I got sick myself!. Actually, I almost have forgotten this story already. However, there are still alot of my experiences that had happened but I couldn’t recall.
Normally, I don’t think about myself too much. When my wife got tumor on both of her breast and past through operations but didn’t show much positive results. It got vice versa, it increases in a very
was in Japan. I seriously follow up my own curings. Mostly, my patients are not that co-operative. Sometimes, they have already been cured but didn’t informed me. Eventually, I have to set up a “Golden Rule” that, if they won’t report me every 7 days, I will right away stop healing. But you know, I already stopped healing but my heart does go on. Which they got cured automatically. I used the method taught by my Master from Level 5.1 purely, without anything against the rules. No matter what level you are in, it depends on your determination.

The diseases that I have successful cured are Infectious Ovaries which must be quickly removed surgically. This patient is one of the famous actress in Thailand, her name is Pxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxxx. She went to 3 doctors and all of them agreed that she should have it removed at once. She was very glad after I healed her for 3 months. After the results of all 3 doctors, it was stated that she has normal ovaries but still they are clogged. She begged me to heal her so she would be able to have a child in the future (with her boyfriend, of course!!).
The rest of the diseases that I was able cure are:
1. Migraine
2. Hemorrhoids
3. Dental Caries
4. Facial Palsy
5. Non-stopping tears
6. Hypertension
7. Diabetes Melutus
8. Allergies
9. Pyelonephritis
10. Heart Failure
11. Ulcer
12. Erysipelas
13. Jet Lag
14. Patients after having blood veins operation.

Until around February 1997, there are a group of patients who are quite hard to heal. Those diseases are:

1. Spinal Cord Tumor
2. Thyroiditis
3. Epilepsy

These diseases comes and goes frequently in the patients. It made me a bit upset. I felt very sorry and intimate with the patients. However, the patients have a very strong will to get well. I cured for more than a year until most of the patients have changes to another group. I have prayed to the above (God and Master) to help me heal them. After 3 or 4 days, you sent me an e-mail, Feb. 8 1997, saying that your father have a new method of healing by Chakra 6 + Chakra7 30 seconds. Following with my Chakra 6 to my patients 30 seconds. Finally with Chakra 6 + Chakra 7 to protect myself 30 seconds. Without any reason, I felt that this is the answer to my prayer! I have you to thank. I guess you could remember which I also told you about the successfulresult.

For one of my patient, after using your method, she was cured from Spinal Cord Tumor within several weeks after attempting to cure for many years. The results from the x-ray, her bones changes color from black to white. She lives an ordinary life without any fear of dying within 5 days and she being told by her doctor. She was healed without being paralyzed too. She doesn’t need to pay US$40,000 for curing her. As for the patients with Thryoid, she is fine now. with Epilepsy, she couldn’t move both of her legs. As for now, she could move it but still couldn’t walk. She suffers lesser now from being shock. Doesn’t get annoyed easily and lives happily.

To be continued…….
Feb 5,1998

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