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Let me finally tell you about the snow storm in Tokyo, Japan.

I got a chance to attend the Tokyo International Book Fair in Jan. 21-25, 1998. After I booked a ticket and hotel reservation, it appears that there was a snow storm in Tokyo from 15-17. The snow was 30 cm knee deep. The temperature was negative. All flights were cancelled from 17-20. I used the pyramid that the Master had given me when I was studying Level 6. I looked at the pyramid and looked at the map of Japan and said to myself that to stop snowing, for the sun to show and for the coldness to pass the islands and come to Thailand instead because it’s very hot here! I did this everyday before I actually travel. Until the 21st, that’s the day I travel, I brought with me the pyramid and wish that the temperature would be no less than 10 degrees Celsius. Do you know, when the plane landed on Narita airport, the pilot informed us that the temperature was actually 10 degrees Celsius!! Wow, was I glad! All the passenger yelled, “That’s a miracle!”.

For all the time I was in Tokyo, the weather was terrific! I watch the weather forecast for Japan, there were snow all over Japan except in Tokyo, imagine that! I only saw a small bunch of snow here in there. I had asked the 2 air-hostess that gave us the weather forecast, to confirm that there was really a snow storm around the 15th through the 17th. However, around the 18th through 20th, the temperature got up from 5 to 7 degrees respectively. I also cut out the weather forecast from the “The Japan Times”.


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